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Drama in the Dale’s current project; The Body on Killhope Moor has made an impressive start with research (led by Dr Barbara Crosbie) and writing (with David Napthine) sessions online! Even though we have not been able to meet “face to face” there is an excitement about what has been discovered so far; from newspaper reports of the find, looking at old maps, finding photos of Upper Weardale in the 1920s and lots of conjecture amongst the research group about why the body was left on the moor. The writing group have explored different styles and are looking forward to pulling together ideas and research finds…in a creative manner!! It is not too late to be involved (see below). 

Dundee telegraph august

Titus Harrison of Killhope was tending his flock when he found a box protruding from the ground. When he kicks the box, it reveals human remains…”

Fancy yourself a bit of a detective or writer? Why not get involved in helping us discover and unearth more details about the body that was found on Killhope Moor in 1921. There will also be opportunities to work with the writer in developing the script for the play. As always, we will be looking for budding actors to bring the play to life, costumes makers and more. So, sign-up to our mailing list for regular updates on how you can get involved.

Become a member and have free access to all workshops, updates on any finds, and first access to tickets for the performances that will performed at Killhope Lead Mining Museum in August 2021, 100 years after the body was found.

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