Who am I?

You will need:

  • Small scraps of paper and a pen
  • A bowl or hat
  • Lots of enthusiasm!

Get into teams of at least 2.

Between you, use the paper and pens to write down the names of at least twenty well-know characters / people. It’s one name per piece of paper, everyone should choose the same number of people, and they should keep their ideas a secret. The pieces of paper are folded and put into the hat.

(N.B. This can be adapted for different age groups. For example, you wouldn’t select obscure historical political figures for a game with a 6-year old in it. Similarly, it’s not fair to pick Pokemon for a game with Granny!)

Round 1.

Choose the team to go first. Nominate the player in that team who will go first. Set the timer for 30 seconds, and GO!

Player 1 must pull out a random character and describe them, being careful not to use their name. The remaining team members must guess. The play has one ‘pass’. Correct answers are put to one side and scored at the end of the round. They do not go back into the hat until Round 2.

The other team then take their turn. This continues, with new players from each team having a go until there are no more characters left in the hat. Points are added up and we are ready for Round 2.

Round 2.

Continuing to work through the roster of players (starting at the beginning if everyone has had a turn), play resumes just the same as in Round 1, with one difference:

You cannot speak, and must mime the character.  Oh, heck.

Round 3.

So you thought Round 2 was difficult? Well…

Play continues but you cannot move. You must describe the character on ONE WORD!

When all the characters are gone, count up the points across all 3 rounds and declare the winner! If you’re all still speaking, that is…

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