We’ve appointed a Researcher!

Drama in the Dale welcomes

 Barbara Crosbie to the team…


Barbara Crosbie born in South Shields is going to be helping Drama in the Dales volunteers to investigate ‘The Body on Killhope Moor’. A historian by trade; currently based at Durham University, where she researches the ways we pass our culture from one generation to the next.

“The Body on Killhope Moor is a fascinating mystery to try to solve. How did this poor fellow meet his end? Who was he? Why was he buried in such an isolated spot, with no headstone to mark his final resting place? But there is also another story to tell. What happened when he was found? Who was involved? How much of a stir did this cause at the time? How was it reported in the press? What happened to the clothes that were found with the body? And just as importantly, how has the memory of this gruesome find been kept alive? What stories have people been told? And what do local people know about the Body on Killhope Moor?”

Workshops with Barbara…

I will be running a number of workshops where we will work together to unearth the many stories this body has to tell. We will hunt out and decipher the evidence, collect local stories and memories, and piece together a picture of the events surrounding the burial and the discovery of the body. All are welcome to get involved, whether you want to delve into the archives, carry out online searches, or come along to talk about the evidence and what it tells us. You might have local knowledge to share: whether this is about the characters involved in the story, or their descendants; about the local landscape and weather patterns, the ancient roadways, and the old mine works; or traditional songs and stories about Weardale. You need no previous experience, just a sense of curiosity. And there will be plenty to do no matter how much, or how little, time you have to give. I am very excited about being involved in this project and I hope you will be too.”