The Body on Killhope Moor – Open Event

Do you want to be involved in our next exciting project? Find out how.

On Sunday 24th Feb we held an Open Event for our next project concerning the finding of a body on Killhope Moor in the 1920s. Those people who attended were able to offer some more insights into this intriguing tale. It has always been thought that it was the body of a Jacobean soldier, being returned home. If so why was he buried on Killhope? The evidence for this is quite flimsy and so perhaps there is room for some very creative thinking!

Drama in the Dale plan to research what is known and explore more evidence. Then a team will write ideas which will then be pulled together into a script. The aim is to have the script in place and ready to perform in 2021, 100 years after he was found. This exciting project is funded by the Heritage Lottery.