Research Blog. Week 7

Zoom Research Workshop

With Barbara Crosbie.

Week 7 (25 Jan)

When the body found on Killhope Moor was reinterred in Butreford Cemetery, the corner (Mr. John Thomas Proud) ordered that that the relics (the buttons, and bullet etc.) be handed over to the Chief Constable . He also said he would take steps to have the coffin preserved. Up to now we have not been able to determine what happened to any of these items, but today we identified a few new avenues of investigation so with any luck we might at least find out where they went in 1921, even if it turns out they are now lost. There were also photographs taken by Joseph Carr who attended the inquest and the burial, but so far none of these images have come to light. The photograph of the buttons seems to have been taken at a later date which suggests at least some of the relics did indeed survive.

Some of the researchers have also been delving into the world of bioarchaeology, and finding out what happens to human remains that are buried in peat. It transpires that Dr Robert Naismith, who examined the corpse in 1921, was no expert when it came to the decomposition of a body. But then he was very young and newly qualified, and how often was he going to be asked to date a peat-bog body anyway? 

Dr Barbara Crosbie

Research  Mentor