Outfits ready…hairdresser booked…flowers arranged…

The weddings of Orlando and Rosalind, Oliver and Celia, Audrey and Touchstone, Phebe and Silvius are almost here. The church has been booked, the outfits are ready, the hairdresser booked and the flowers arranged…now we just need an audience!

Today apart from rehearsing with some of the cast I visited the absolutely amazing ladies who make up the costume team… military operation or what? All costumes bagged and ready to wear, optional extras accounted for, changing strategies organised… so sorted. All I could offer was cream cakes for afternoon tea.

Our local hairdresser has agreed to work her magic, using a skill she learnt when training and only uses now on a lady in her 90s…finger waves!

Daisy Chain, the florist, is creating some posies for the wedding scene. So…just a few more rehearsals and then take off!

She did say she wanted green didn’t she?