Body Hunting!!!

Today, donning strong boots, warm clothes and packed rucksacks, an intrepid group set out from Killhope Cross to locate the point where our body was found. According to the police report it was “200 yards east of the Cumberland Border, 100 yards south of the Northumberland Border and 2 miles from the highway.”

 Of course the county boundaries have changed since 1921 but we are fairly certain that some of the original fence posts are still visible. Trudging through bogs and over the heather our group of explorers managed to locate an area where it would have been possible that our coffin was discovered by Titus Harrison. 

Although we will never know for sure the exact location the area seemed to fit the picture. What it would have been like to carry a body, let alone one in a coffin, we cannot begin to imagine. The terrain is certainly difficult, and today was fairly dry. Despite looking we did not find any other bodies save that of a misfortunate curlew.