Nearly There!

What a busy week. Started with a promising dress rehearsal last Sunday (7th) – all cast know their lines, no prompting needed. Pyros worked as well.

Then Wednesday at the Quarry for an interview with Bishop FM whilst helping Duncan and Ray set up sound installations and adding finishing touches.

Thursday met up with Dave, from Pa Boom, to collect more effects and work out with Rob Galbrieth when to use what.

Friday back at the quarry to set up our amazing art exhibition and craft work. Realized it is exactly one year since I was chosen to direct (see first blog!)

Saturday …show day. Started with live interview on BBC Radio Tees!! Then a few last minute rehearsals, calming of nerves and then …our first performance to a full house (quarry!) Excellent all round only a few minor hitches with pyros not going off so Rob and keith sorted that out for Sunday.

Another excellent performance by all, including pyros! I am so proud of the whole group. Can’t wait for next weekend.SAM_1424